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Issue in Toad for Oracle


I can run my query on toad and get output easily but have problem with single record view. I cant use that it shows error in it. Please try to solve my problem

What version of Toad are you using?

What is the error message?

Does it happen on every table?

Toad for Oracle 12.6 version

Right now I checked running query u=it is not showing any error but output is not displayed in single record view

yes it happens on every table which ever I have used

I just tested 12.6 and it is working OK for me. I am not sure why you would see data in the grid but not SRV. This problem does not sound familiar, sorry.

so you are not able to solve it ?

No, sorry. Maybe Quest Support has heard of this problem but I have not.

S whom should I contact do you have any idea. Can you tell me that