Issue: unknown application error while opening toad model


I opened a tdm file three times. First time I got an unspecified error (2011-01-26_131854.png and 2011-01-26_131854.txt). Second time I got the error "handle is invalid" (2011-01-26_132602.png). Third time I was able to open the document. I didn't end the program until the trying.

I hope, this helps you to improve this useful tool. Perhaps you can analyse the problem, fix it or display a better error message.


2011-01-26_131854.txt (44.1 KB)


Hi Berthold,

please try to delete TDM.TXE file from your Config folder. Of course, please backup the file first.

Possible path (Vista)

c:\Users{user name}\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad Data Modeler{installation number or name}\Configs\TDM.TXE