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Issue with creating connection to PostgreSQL

Can you open a support case so they can get details. We worked on this and made a fix and feel we have fixed it. But perhaps we missed something about your usecase.

I have never opened support case. Could you please advise on steps. And thank you so much on your patience. I am being pushed to find a solution or all my privileges will be taken away.

There is a “Product Support” button off of the Help menu. That should point you in the right direction. I’ve never opened a support ticket either. I just answer them[H]

Hi Debbie. This conversation can be marked as resolved!!! Woohoo!!! thank you so much for your support!!! Love your tool. (sorry for so many exclamations but I am very excited that I won’t be yelled at anymore for breaking company policy)

Glad to hear it[8-|][:^)][<:o)]