How to log on? ORACLE password contains @

I have to connect to a database with a password containing of @.
Always I get ORA-12154 (even if TNS entry exists), removing the @ from password the message is correct ORA-01017 (password is wrong than).
In SQLPLUS I can use the password for logging on by putting it into double votes (e.g. if password is 1234@5678 I type “1234@5678”).
What to do if I want to log on using TOAD?
Double quotes are not working, sigle quotes neither.

Just a wild thought – maybe don’t supply password on connection
screen and let Toad pop-up a request for that and try it there – thinking
maybe the password dialog would simply pass what it gets as is …

I tried, but it does not work.
TOAD doesn’t like @ in password that way too.


What version of Toad/Oracle are you using? I just tried it with 10.6 on an XE
database with no problems.


I have a quite old TOAD version and ORACLE 9.

That’s a seven year old version – you really need to upgrade J