Issue with Date format in a DATE column changing format for one person

So, here is my issue. I have 2 users on many, that uses a generic account to logon into the database. (so we use the same user, and the same database). When he does a select command, the DATE column appears in a french format. We are french, but nothing is in french on our computer.

What he has:

instead of
2020/07/03 17:30:00

so this problem prevents him to see the timestamp also.

I'll start with a list of what i tried to fix this:

  • check date format of the data grid in the TOAD option menu (yyyy/MM/dd, same as me)
  • check if the issue happens with all database accounts (it does)
  • check if the issue happens on another colleague's computer (we use windows server) (it does)
  • check if windows is in english (it is)
  • check regional parameters to have YYYY-MM-DD date format (it does - same as me)
  • check the NLS_DATE_FORMAT value and it's the same as me and appears as "dd-Mon-yy"
  • check if someone else connects to his computer and tries the same thing - but has no issue.
  • I changed my Windows in french to see if something changed, but i didn't see any impact.

i'm out of solutions.
Any tips?

We're using TOAD 64bits

I'm no expert, but sounds like your scenario stems from the database itself. You should engage your DBA to discuss, but I'm guessing that there are some Oracle Language parameters that are responsible for this effect. Wondering what your Oracle's NLS_LANGUAGE and NLS_DATE_LANGUAGE parms are set to (French?)

It might also be possible that some of the users have a logon trigger that sets the NLS parms to a different value. Again, just guessing here, but hope this gives you extra things to look at that may be helpful.

It sounds like the user seeing 03-JUIL.-20 is running select statements with F5 (run as script) and the user seeing 202/07/03 17:30:00 is running with F9.

The only time you should choose F5 over F9 is when you want to run multiple statements one after another as a script.

If you are running a single statement of any kind, you should run it with F9. It is faster and uses less memory, and the date format comes entirely from Toad.