Issue with Repository Syncing and the Object Explorer in Edge 2.7

I added Constraints to a table and then synced the Repository. Constraints do not appear in the synchronization window and in the Object Explorer window it appears that the 2 Constraints are not in sync in the Repository as shown below:

Here is a zoomed in image of Constraints in the Object Explorer where they show they are not in sync.

Appears to be a bug... can we please ask you to submit a Support ticket so that Quest can log it and research the issue, and publish any work-arounds?

Also, Michael, we've been made aware of your extra communication regarding this through your account manager... look for a followup shortly from her. FYI

You're right Gary, the issue was identified as a defect. Currently the issue can only be reproduced for constraints, and the team is still investigating the issue for other objects as well. It's been logged as defect # ID TE-15183 (without a workaround at this time).

Michael, feel free to open a support ticket in case our R&D needs more information. The fix is schedule for the next version of Toad.
Thanks for reporting it to us.