Synch&Convert - problem with constraints comparison

Hallo !

We have a postgres database running, which model was not created by TOAD.
Now we have imported the model to TOAD and made some changes.

We started wizzard to create an alter script (script to update database to TOAD model layout). The small difference between tabels/colums where detected correctly.

The constraints however are completey ignored or better the wizzard detects that all constraints differ (for the wizzard the database constraints are completely missing in model und model’s constraints completely missing in database).

The reason for this is, that TOAD detects differences on the names of the constraints and not on the constraints values/rules. The names of the constraints in the database differ, as the model was created by another software. The constraint rules however are identically.

Are there any solutions to solve this requirement ?



comparison is based on object names, that’s why TDM shows missing and new items instead of modified items. We would like to add some mapping functionality to the Sync & Convert wizard, but it is not an easy task and will not appear in the software in very near future.