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Issue with Table Column Names In Cross-Connection Query Mode


I have data which is held in multiple Excel Spreadsheets and imported SharePoint Lists (Sets for each Department Programme), that I want to collect and report on.

I have been able to create SQL scripts using the Query Builder on separate Lists and Spreadsheets to create specific reports.

However when I try to create a Heterogeneous connection query using the Cross-Connection Query Mode I get an error, which relates to the columns names having spaces in them (e.g. ‘Approved Budget’). The Query Builder has no issues with this, but not so when using the Cross-Connection Query Mode.

Is this a bug?

I am not able to change the table column names and remove the spaces from the SharePoint Lists and Excel Spreadsheets.

Is there another way I can make the Cross-Connection Query Mode work?

Any help welcome.

Thank you in advance.



Yes, that is a known bug. I appologize, but currently for Cross Query, columns with spaces, special characters (Such as #), or reserved words in their names do not work. We are fixing it for the next release, however.

Once the fix is implemented and the beta is avaiable with it, I will post in this thread. If you wish, you could also leave your email here and I can email you directly.

As for a workaround, you could try exporting the tables to local storage, if that is available, then do a query there.

Have the same problem with ‘-’ (minuses or spaces) in column names in Toad data Point 3.8 in Cross-Connection Queries:

select count(*) from database.Nav2009Echt.schema.Table01 i

where i.ABC-DEF = 14927699

Ist this issue solved?

I do not recognize this as an issue. Can you open a support case and we will fix. We need to get more details than can be done on the forum

Using TDP 3.8 BASE Edition, I finally got this reply from DELL support:

I am sorry, but you are licensed only for Base edition. Cross-connection is now only >supported in the Pro Edition.

We used to support Cross-connection in base but we used the Access jet engine to do >the execution. That engine was very limited and since it is owned by Microsoft we could >not enhance it. So we wrote our own cross-connection engine where the non-standard >names are supported.

To get support for this issue you will need to use the Beta or upgrade to Pro. I can send >you a trial key for Pro Edition and it will work in your current version of Toad Data Point. Let >me know if you want to send it.

So I am wondering, why this general fact is not published in the Forum. I had to do serveral testings, to generate Toad Support Bundles and to write some E-Mails to get this!

Sorry this was not widely posted. It was sort of “phased out” because we just couldn’t support it. It also is very very slow.