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Issues with automating export to Access database



I am working with tDA 2.5.1, and have been trying to set up a simple automation script to export the results of the query to a new access database, and I’ve run into a few issues.

  1. For the export step, I’ve tried using both Query and Query File. In both cases, Toad is using the actual script as the name of the table in access (e.g. “select * from table”). This causes it to fail if the script is not a single line. (if I do an export to access from the grid, the table is called Table1)

  2. The “Edit selection template…” option sometimes doesn’t do anything. So far, though, I’ve not been able to pinpoint the set of circumstances that causes it (it seemed to occur most frequently after I’ve tried running the script, and it fails validation).

  3. If I select “Create As New Table” from the Select Output Options screen, Read rows increment and File encoding are grayed out. However, if I switch back to Access File (or anything else), they are not reactivated.

I looked through the release notes for 2.6, but did not see anything related to this, nor did I find anything searching this forum. 2 and 3 are minor issues, but I see exporting to Access as being a feature we would use frequently. If you’ve got any suggestions for getting around that, please let me know.




RE 1) I tested exporting to Access with Query File in version 2.6 and this issue is resolved. Please upgrade to 2.6.

I agree that exporting to Access is very important so for 2.7 we plan to add creating an new Access table in an existing db and appending to an existing table. (CR67,636)

RE 2) I ran into this just yesterday. You are correct it does this when either the template has an error or the current connection type is incorrect. I entered CR73,906 to fix in 2.7.

RE 3) I believe this is fixed in 2.6 but both of these are rarely used options. I’m actually considering hiding them in the next release. Do you have a need to change them? If so please provide details. (Don’t want to make a mistake by taking them out)

Thank you for your comments.



Thanks for the information. Is there a public target date for the 2.7 release?

For issue 3, I don’t have any need of it at the moment. I just noticed it as I was trying different export options.

Thanks again,



TDA 2.7 should be available sometime in Sept 2010.