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Can TDA make a connection to DB2 using JDBC instead of ODBC?



No. We do not support jdbc.
If you are using the trial or commerical version you should use the native connection for LUW and Z/OS. ODBC is only needed for connecting to iSeries.


I would also find it a nice feature to have, to be able to connect to a Oracle DB through jdbc.

HI, I heavily support Vertica and I would like to see if JDBC connection options will every be a possibility?

We actually started coding support for JDBC twice. We even got 50% of the way there. What we found is that JDBC drivers do not adhere to any specific standard. Not like ODBC does. So to support JDBC we have to bundle, code and certify every specific driver. The cost of maintenance prohibited us from finishing the work. We made a final decision to not support JDBC,. Sorry.

Our systems area is removing DB2 Connect as a cost reduction as TOAD is the only product that requires it because of ODBC, will need to utilize the direct connection to our zOS system which I’m told is only JDBC. What alternatives do I have?

When connecting from a Windows machine to DB2 on z/OS via either DB2 connect or JDBC, additional IBM licensing is required.

Licensing can be applied on the DB2 subsystem level so it might seem that connecting to DB2 z/OS is free, however it is not.

So you will have to pay to connect in either case.