Key Mapping in TOAD 15.09

We've just upgraded from 12.0 to 15.0, but can't find the Key Mapping section in TOAD Options. Has it moved (it used to be beside Auto Replace)?

Go here. Select the item that you want to change, then just type the shortcut that you want to use and it will appear in the "Shortcut" column. If the same shortcut is used for something else, you'll see a * in the "Conflict" column.

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Perfect! Thank you!

Next question though is can I add a new command entirely as the old one I used to create a new SQL window - 'Named SQL popup' - isn't in the available commands list?

Do you mean the Named SQL, as part of the SQL Recall List? That's shortcutted by default to F8 to view the Named SQL library, as here...

Ctl-N at any white space within the Editor will give you an in-line drop-down list of your named SQL, BTW.... puts your named stuff right at your fingertips!

Sorry, you can't to the list of shortcuts. You can only change what is already there. Do you want to change the CTRL+N shortcut to recall named SQL?