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Lag before results are displayed in the editor's data grid



When I run queries on my editor, there is a lag before the results are displayed on the data grid. I understand that there is time spent on executing the queries itself but that isn’t the case here.

for example,

  1. I type this “select sysdate from dual”
  2. I execute it using “Ctrl+Enter” or “F9”.
  3. I see a popup for a fraction of a second before it disappears.
  4. I see the result in the data grid after ~2 seconds.

Opening a new instance of Toad doesn’t fix this. If I restart my machine, this issue is temporarily fixed before it comes back. I thought I could be running out of memory but when I look at resource monitor, I see I have ample free memory and CPU.

Is this something you can help me with?


Support Bundle for Toad for Oracle
Bundle: Toad for Oracle Xpert (64-bit), Add-Ons:
Edition: Toad for Oracle Developer Edition
Operating System: Windows 7 (Build 7601)Service Pack 1

Physical Memory Load: 19.54 %
Physical Memory (Total): 24457 MB
Physical Memory (Free): 19679 MB
Virtual Memory (Total): 8388607 MB
Virtual Memory (Free): 8387837 MB
Swap Space (Total): 48912 MB
Swap Space (Free): 43893 MB
Toad Page File Usage (Virtual Memory): 214 MB
Toad Working Set Usage (RAM): 273 MB


Anyone has a solution for this?


Is the result section pinned or does it slide up/down? There is a bit of a delay when it slides, I don’t know why. If you keep it pinned, then there is no no delay. The “pin” is here, in the top right of the output section.



Thanks for replying. It is pinned.

When I start Toad, this isn’t a problem. The issue starts when its been running for a few hours. I don’t know why.