Toad Editor

Dear All:

There are 2 issues:

*** On Toad Editor, when I write some queries and after a table name, or a schema name and with a barcket (, toad just hangs and then comeback with popup. How to supress that ? I don’t need any intervention from Toad since I know few tables I will be playing around ? Can it be done by lowering the delay pop-ups under Option+Editor+Code Assist

*** Also on Toad Editor, on the data grid, if you just like to select all the entries in one column and then copy and paste it to notepad. Seems that if the data grid has one column then it is fine but if we have more that one column, then all the other rows are also copied.

Any help, advise, suggestion will be highly appreciated.


1)You can disable code insight and/or INCREASE the delay
2)You need to hide the columns you don’t want to copy out

Thanks for the Response.