Layout of models generated with reverse engineering

Is there some functionality available in TDM 3 (or TDM Beta 4) to arrange entities and relationships automatically?

I have generated an ER model using reverse engineering and at the end, when the model shows up in the screen, all entities appear aligned in one top horizontal line.

The model has around 300 entities. This makes very difficult to print or to export, imagine having 300 entities aligned one to each other in the top of the diagram.

I have searched for some functionality in this regard but there is just one called Auto Layout which does not change the layout.

Any help in this matter please let me know.



you can define settings for the autolayout feature. Click Settings | Options and in section Graphics there is groupbox Autolayout. Lower values of Horizontal Distance Coefficient and Vertical Distance Coefficient to e.g. 20 to place objects closer to each other (Default value is 100). Then click the Autolayout icon or click Objects | Autolayout.
There is one additional feature: click Macros | All | Alphabetic Autolayout to rearrange objects alphabetically



Thanks a lot for your input Vaclav