cannot reverse engineering all related tables in ER_Diagram

I am doing reverse engineering and I have known 4 tables but I want to generate a ER-Diagram for all child tables which is 11 tables. How can I get this ER_Diagram from reverse engineering menu?




if you do not know names of the child tables, do the following:

  1. Reverse engineer all the tables. New model will be created.
  2. Select the four tables in you model and add them to new Workspace (right click the selected tables and choose Add Into New Workspace).
  3. Click Autolayout icon to rearrange the four tables in your Workspace (optional step)
  4. Select all the four tables on your diagram, right click any of them and choose Fill | Child tables.
  5. Click Autolayout icon to rearrange the items again.

Good luck,


Your method is working fine although I have 900 around tables need to reverse at first.

Thanks for your input!


you are welcome :slight_smile: