Licensing question

Hello. I was recently assigned the responsibility of trying to get our license compliance (or non-compliance) under control, and I’ve found application titles of both “SQL Navigator” and “SQL Navigator for Oracle” from Dell, and a few older listings that had Quest as their publisher. My question is this (because I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the web)… Are “SQL Navigator” and “SQL Navigator for Oracle” the SAME application? On the Dell site I can only find reference to “SQL Navigator *for Oracle” * on their technical documentation pages.

Thanks for any information you can provide to me. It will be much appreciated.


Hi Lee,

Thanks for contacting us on Toad World. “SQL Navigator” and “SQL Navigator for Oracle” are the names/titles of the same product in different stages and versions/releases. Quest used to be the publisher of this product when we named it as “SQL Navigator for Oracle”. Dell acquired Quest a few years ago. Once for a while after the acquisition, we released “SQL Navigator for Oracle” under the publisher name of Dell. Shortly after that, we rebranded this product to “SQL Navigator” published by “Dell” - this is the current status.

However, we still have some active documents and web pages using the name “SQL Navigator for Oracle”. They refer to the same product SQL Navigator™
owned by Dell.

Hope this helps.



Thanks so much for providing the answer, Vincent! It’s really very helpful!! Just being curious, do you know at what version they decided to change the name and drop the “for Oracle” part?

Again, many Thanks!