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Trial version authorisation key!!!!


I had downloaded the trial version of sqlnavigator from the quest site and installed, but it is asking for authorisation key to open sqlnavigator. How to get the trial version authorisation key??



You should have received your trial key by email.
Make sure you do not have the mail in the spam :slight_smile: and that you wrote your email correctly.



Hi Veda,

Welcome to our SQL Navigator Community.

I have just sent a SQL Navigator Trial Key to your email. Please check it out.

Please let us know if you would need anything else.

Thanks and regards,


Thanks Fsilva.


Thanks Bruce, received the key.


Can I get also one key for myself please?


Hi Yasser,

I have sent you a 3 months Trial key to your registered email. Please let us know if anything else we can assist you with.

Thanks and regards,


I have downladed SQL Navigator and I did not get the trial licence key. Could you please provide that?



Check your spam filter or verify that the address in your login account is correct. I just tried to download the trial and I received a trial key in my email, so it should be working. Let me know if you still can’t find it and we’ll get one to you.



I have checked that I got only one email, that is temp password. Just to make sure, I have uninstalled and downloaded again, but I did not get the email conaining the key.


Send me an email at and I’ll respond with a trial key.


Can I get also one key for sql navigator 7.0 beta version for myself please?



Could you please send me an email to I will send you the trial key by email.



I downloaded the trial version of SQL Navigator and used it for while. Then my company provided me with a version that is licensed through our company. But when the trial version I initially downloaded eventually expired it now keeps asking for an authorization key, even thought I completely uninstalled the trial version. The trial version was a later version than the one my company provided for us (my company provided 6.3) - I can’t remember the version of the trial that I initially downloaded but I think it was 6.7. Now I can not even use the version provided by company because somewhere the previous trial version is being remembered on my system. Does anywhere know where I can delete this information. We are using Window 7.




Hi Elliot,

Please delete the Trial licence file located in folder
C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\SQL Navigator

When you launch the commercial v6.3, SQL Navigator will prompt you the licence key, please enter the production licence key that you received from your company.

Please let us know if you go.

Thanks and regards,


Hello Bruce, can i get a 3 months trail version key ?



Could you please send me an email @ I will try to assist you.

Thanks and regards,



I also downloaded Sql navigator. I didn’t get any key. (Yes yes yes… I checked Spam folder as well… And my wardrobe, my drawer, my kitchen…

Please read this forum … Check all the complains about that process… And check your registration process…

And you know what.? Take your application… and put it in your ass…

you a***holes


Hi hergele,

Could you please send me an email @

I will send you a trial key to use for now.

Sorry to hear that you could get the key from our system. I will send you a trial key asap.

We will check it again the system that should generate an email to you with the trial key.

Thanks and regards,



Can i have a 3 month trail key for sql navigator 6.7