Linux Build


As a Toad Extension for Eclipse user I would be very interested in trying out Toad Edge. However, I only see Windows and Mac builds, and none for Linux.

Is there a Linux version planned? The screenshots seem to indicate that the product is built on top of Eclipse, so I would hope so :slight_smile:



Linux is not a supported OS platform presently.

Thanks for the update. I hope you’ll consider it in the future, as Linux is an important development platform.



Linux is definitely much more commonly used in a production environment, but does not provide as much GUI (graphical user interface) support as Windows and Mac OS do, and Toad Edge is a GUI tool.

Hi, anyway, you can put this idea to the idea pond.



To be honest I’m surprised to hear that GUI tools are not usually found on Linux :slight_smile: having worked most of my professional life on Linux and seeing in evolve greatly in the last 10 years.

Anyway, I filed , and listed some widely used development tools that are also present on Linux.

Thanks for taking this under consideration.

Linux servers typically don't have a graphical shell--it takes compute resources--so one SSH's into a text based shell like BASH. VNC server does offer a way to have a remote graphical shell--like GNOME3--for a Linux based server operating system, but it is way limited compared to an RDP server like Windows Server has. Red Hat and others offer other remote solutions for graphical shells, but... so graphical shell use in Linux operating system distributions is lagging in the enterprise.

With xRDP ( ), I would like to see "Toad for Oracle" on Debian Desktop (GNOME3 shell), because now I may use any RDP client to connect.