Linux Oracle with Windows TOAD

We’re migrating our Oracle server to a Linux environment. We will have a
windows desktop on the same network.

We intend to have TOAD running on the desktops.

Will there be any issues with TOAD accessing the Oracle environment?

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It should be pretty transparent to you as long as on your desktop you have an
Oracle client installed and your tnsnames.ora file configured to point to the
new Oracle database. I will take a wild guess and say that is probably how 99%
of people access an Oracle DB from a windows desktop to a Unix/Linux Oracle
database. Well maybe not 99% but it is pretty high.

Congratulation on moving to Linux.



And do not worry about 32-bit Windows client and software talking to a 64-bit server - Oracle handles that auto magically as well :slight_smile:

We have all our Oracle stuff running on Linux servers (Red Hat 4.x and 5.x) and
have been for years. I’ve been using TFO for past two years and
haven’t had any problems. TFO is great because when needed I can start up
Putty, WinSCP and a few others from inside the Toad app.

Used PL/SQL Developer before that. Had to get firewall rules set up and entries
in the server’s TNSNames (used NetMgr on the servers).

Used FireStarter on a fresh Linux box to figure out the ports before building
prod boxes out, was also helpful when Net folks wanted proof that some of the
ports were required. Once all was working I removed FireStarter.

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None at all. Just change or add a connect string to tnsnames.

The communications is going over SQL*Net in any case.