List index out of bounds (2) when connecting a sessions (Version 6.3)

I have a 5.5 version of SQL Navigator and I just tried loading down version 6.3. I get the error:

List index out of bounds (2)

When trying to connect but my 5.5 version still works. Where can I look to see what might be wrong?


Mike P.

Hi Michael,

I would suggest that you remove the following regsitry key and user profiles of v6.3 then restart SQL Navigator. It will give you a fresh environment.

I assume that you run Windows XP:

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Quest Software\SQL Navigator 6.3.0
  • C:\Documents and Settings\Yourusername\Application Data\Quest Software\SQL Navigator 6.3.0

We are not sure yet what cause this error with your environment. In v6.3, support for multiple LDAP, direct connection have been added.

If you still have the same issue after cleaning up the registry/user profile. Could you please also try the latest v6.4 Beta build. You can get the Beta build from
We have made more changes in the login windows to handle workflow for DB connection which it might not have your login issue.

Please let us know how you go. Any more info on your environments would help: OS, Oracle clients homes…Do you use the same Oracle home in both 5.5 and 6.3?

Thanks and regards,

Thanks for the reply, Bruce.

Sorry, yes, I am on Windows XP and I am using the same Oracle home for the 5.5 and 6.3.

We have Oracle 11g unix servers that we interface with using SQL Navigator.

I’ll try the suggestions you made and get back to you with the results by today or tomorrow.

Mike P.

Just removing the registries for 6.3 and restarting did not help.

I installed the 6.4 Beta version and I get the same error.

I’m not too familiar in what’s involved with setting up an Oracle client on a PC (our desk top tech aides did that) but if your willing to tell me where to look and what paths to follow, I’ll gladly do so.


Mike P.

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for your update.

There is another case which is similar to your issue. It has been reported a while ago with v6.3 as well

Sorry that we are not able to make any progress on this yet for you (and Steve) yet…We will check on this connection log in window again and will try to get back you all tomorrow.


Hi Mike,

I put the same info here for your issue:

We believe that the list index out of bound occurs due to your settings for LDAP in ldap.ora.

We could reproduce your issue here by changing our ldap.ora. In v6.3 we added the support for multiple LDAP.

if we change our string for DIRECTORY_SERVERS= (, we will get exact error as you reported.

In your Oracle Home ldap.ora file, could you please check the DIRECTORY_SERVERS entry to have the followling format: host:port:sslport, ie. including the sslport.


or you might have multiple LDAP servers:


In v6.3, our parser could not handle the LDAP without the sslport, please add :636 if you dont have it yet. [:sslport] is optional, we will fix this in v6.5 for you so SQL Naviagator can handle your current environment.

Please let us know if the work around would work for you.

Thanks and regards,

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Hi Mike,

We just would like to let you know that your issue has been fixed and included in v6.4. v6.4 should be available from the first week of November. We will confirm the date once we get notice from our deployment team. Our support team might have arelady informed you about this through the case you have raised with them earlier.

Thanks and regards,