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Local storage Database Error


When I Try to open Local Storage Connection I Am getting following error

Local storage Database error

“View ‘hub_information_schema.hub_get_databases’ references invalid table(s) or column(s) or function(s) or definer/invoker of view lack rights to use them”

I think this needs to be working to work with Cross-Connection editor.

Please Help ASAP.


Should really send this to our Support team at

However, error messages I have seen that are similar suggest that something has happened to your back-end mySQL database, which serves as the local sandbox for storing data, and also serves as the blending “hub” for cross-connection queries.

Hopefully, you’re on the latest version, which is 4.3. If not, I highly recommend you to upgrade.

After that, two other things I would try:

  1. Confirm the location of your data hub (while in TDP, go to Tools | Options | Local Storage | General). Sgut down TDP, and re-name that “DataHub” folder (e.g. to “DataHubBAK”, say). Then re-launch Toad Datapoint to see if Toad creates a new, uncorrupted hub. See if you can connect successfully to Local Storage, and that cross-connection queries run ok.

  2. If above doesn’t work, try re-installing Toad Datapoint. May want to export your connections before doing this, and possibly export any important data that you may have stored in local Storage.