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Trying to do a Cross Query between Access and an Oracle database but getting error...


I am trying to do a cross query between Access and an Oracle database but I am getting the following error, “Table ‘hub_information_schema.hub_get_databases’ doesn’t exist” and I am stuck. Does anyone know what that error means and how I can resolve it?


It looks like your Local Storage, which we use for cross queries, may have been damaged somehow. We can rebuild it, but it means that anything in your local storage will be erased, so export and save whatever you need first.

To rebuild your local storage, first open TDP, then go to Tools->Options. In the options window, select the Local Storage folder on the left hand side, then the General page under it. You should be seeing this now:

Record the location of the path that you see, then close TDP.

Navigate to the folder that you saw in the options, and delete or rename it (which would give you the opportunity to restore the folder if anything goes wrong). Reopen TDP, and connect to local storage. Once you are completely connected, go ahead and try your cross query again (you do not need to have the Local Storage connection open when you use cross query!)

Let me know if this works!