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Lock Up


I’m sorry to report that I had a lock-up this morning. I had rebooted yesterday and had been working in the editor for a bit, back and forth between tabs. I was also in the Schema Browser and Session Browser. Last night when I left the office, I closed the Session Browser and hibernated my computer with TOAD open and this morning when I turned it back on, I had TOAD reconnect as prompted. Then I proceeded to work in the Editor only, running some SQL, doing a MERGE, and changing a package, compiling and now I’m trying to run the packaged process. I clicked on the Session Browser button so I could see what is going on with my procedure. TOAD won’t repaint and the window is faded with the hourglass. It has been like this for several minutes now.

Ok, as I was typing this, TOAD came back and the Session Browser is now open (and my pl/sql is done running). So maybe it is a problem to open a new window when something is running in the Editor?

Anyway, I’m so glad this one wasn’t actually a crash. I guess this is an improvement, though I’m guessing most people would consider this a crash and kill TOAD before it came back.

Does this help at all?

Phyllis Helton

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