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log reader how to read the specified log of time


There are two way for log reader to read log. one is read a fixed number of records and another is to read entire log. Every time I read the log through this tool, it only show records of the past half an hour, then i cannot get the information I want. But if I choose the entire log, it will take too much time and even get a error of “out of memory” .So anyone knows how to read the log of special time?

or any other way ? Pls tell me . Thanks a lot!



Would you like try to increase search depth value?

It can be set to max value 2 147 483 647.

The setting is in Tools->Options->LogReader

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Thanks for you reply! I known what you means. The problem is I just want the records between a known period of time. Too many records means it will cost more time to wait to read. or even worse ,after loading records successfully, the records which have read into memory is beyond the scope of the time.

The tool always search the records from now. I cannot set it to read from a certain point in time back to search. I think if it come true, more convient will the tool be.

By the way, I found in the “filter conditions” of “Table History Wizard”, although I set a period of time, I got 0 records. May it only filter the records which have read into memory before? Does the tool only read the log in disk once when I open the “Log Reader”?



Thank you very much for you posting.

  1. May it only filter the records which have read into memory before?

Yes.This is correct.

2.For the request that read the specified log of time, we create CR118284 for address this issue. And the team will investigate th possibiloty to Implement it.

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