Toad for SQL Server Log Reader

I need to recover some records from a log that begins at 12:00 PM and I began to
attempt recovery at 4:00 PM of the same day.

Using the default setting of 100,000 records read from the log, it only returned
about an hours worth of logfiles approx 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

The data I need to recover is at about 12:15 PM ish. I changed the default log
reader setting to read the whole log, but not only did this process take about
an hour, it ended up saying there was not enough memory and did I wish to
re-attmpt using a method that used less memory. I said Yes and then to my
surprise it started over! I then canceled and scoured the web for some method of
specifying the date/time range that you are targeting, but could not find any

Is there a way to target a certain range of the logfile BEFORE you read it?

If not, how can I best pull in the whole logfile?

My C drive (which only has 11GB Free) filled up to 5 GB free when reading the
full logfile. Then I got the memory error.

It seems to put files in the C:\Temp directory.

Can I get the LogReader to use a different Drive for it’s Temp storage, such as
E:\Temp? If so, do I need to change my Environment variables to utilize this
capability or is it a hard-coded thing?

Sorry for the multitude of questions, but I need to resolve this as quickly as
possible so I can begin backing up/truncating that logfile again… oh and
that’s right they need the data restored YESTERDAY…(of course)…lol


You can try temporarily relocating your TEMP folder in Windows to teh E: drive.

Exit Toad
Change the TEMP environment variable to E:\TEMP (note the current value before change)
Restart Toad and run the Log Reader

You can then move your temp folder back to its original location if needed.