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Looking for tips and Dos/Don'ts when Converting from Brio


My office at Northeastern University is making the jump from Brio/Hyperion Interactive Reporting to Toad Data Point Pro. We’ve taken some small steps and are now looking to go (closer to) full throttle on a move to Toad. Was curious if any other people who’ve made the lead can provide any suggestions on what to do, what not to do, how long to plan for, etc., in order to make it a smooth transition. Right now we’re really just focusing on converting our reports to Toad one at a time as we encounter them in the annual cycle, but are curious if we should hire someone for a kind of temp position to just focus on doing this for us, or go another route.

Any feedback on the whole experience would be appreciated.


I’ve converted some Brio stuff in the past - In Brio 6.6, I use the ‘View Query Log’ and then run query. Copy & paste that into Toad. However, Brio did some strange stuff that doesn’t always show in the query log. So, if your getting different results, ask your DB guy to grab the query that actually hit the DB. Use find/replace to alias the tables to something a bit more easily read.

Brio also allows multiple steps to be taken using the data of previous steps. Those can be tough to translate. You can create temp tables along the way for those or use subqueries.

Might be a good time to reevaluate the queries and clean them up. Find common data and create fact tables and then write the queries from scratch.

Good luck!