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Enhancement request to add Toad Data Reports to Workbook

Below is a screenshot of a very common type of Hyperion Brio workbook. This workbook does three things.

  1. Queries, transforms, and pivots

  2. Generates nice looking reports for end users (Excel won't do here. I'd include a report but need to keep the data private)

  3. Bursts the reports and sends to end users. (Like 400+ end users)

Item one is done nicely by current Toad Data Point. The second and third item can only be done by Toad Data Point Classic. Its rather awkward to have to go back and forth between the two. The Analysts at this company do a combination of exploratory AND advanced automated report generation. They have hundreds of Brio workbooks like this.

If anyone else out there is converting from Brio to Toad and have this or similar issue please chime in!

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Great suggestion and use case - added to out backlog.