Losing changes to Project Manager and statement recall list


I regularly lose changes made to the Project Manager list, the list of known database/schemas (new session pop-up) and, it now seems, the statement recall list.

The cause is simple: I run multiple Toad sessions in parallel. The session being closed last, takes precedence and simply overwrites the data saved from any session closed before.

Would it be possible to have status files merged upon close, rather than overwritten?

If this is not possible, would it then be feasible to have a pop-up allowing me to choose whether or not to overwrite? (Only in case the current file data is between start and close time of currently closing session)

Just a thought…

Abe Kornelis

It has been widely known for many years that running multiple instances of Toad comes with this caveat. File merging is very unlikely and you’d quickly get annoyed by confirmation prompts every time a file is updated.

You should check out http://www.toadworld.com/products/toad-for-oracle/toad_for_oracle_beta_program/f/86/t/24246 from 12.7. With the virtual instance support you can start up a master instance of Toad and do your work there. Secondary instances could be launched from a bat file specifying a virtual instance. If you use secondary instances for monitoring, script execution, etc. this may work well for you. I thought there was another post or two on the boards about this feature, but I can’t locate anything in a quick search.



Thanks for the pointer. There’s a lot in Toad I haven’t learned about yet.

I’ll do some experiments with Virtual and Keepfiles.

Kind regards,