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Toad session disappears while typing


this relates to Toad for Oracle, Beta

While changing some source code my Toad session simply disappears.
It has happened twice now - to me it’s a major nuisance.
When restarting Toad, the work in progress is lost - not a trace remains :frowning:

I understand that - without any message or other symptom - this might be a tough one.

If you would like any additional info, I’ll be happy to assist whenever I can.

Kind regards,
Abe Kornelis

Small addition: Status of work in progress was not saved when Toad unexpectedly exited, nor were the changes to the project manager setup.



I just upgraded to Beta

Unfortunately, the problem still persists.

As I am loath to continually risk losing work in progress, I will stop using the Beta and use 12.10 in stead.

Kind regards,

Abe, this sounds similar to what’s been posted in the “Toad crashes” thread

You might try replacing the beta QP5.dll with the version from 12.11. That worked for me.


thanks fro the suggestion. I noticed the similarity, and considered copying your solution.

However, I prefer to work with the vanilla version.

So I’m now working with Toad 12.10, which works fine for me.

Kind regards,

A parser fix will get out of the door today and should make it into the beta very quickly… Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.