Lost Enhanced Object Palette

Toad for Oracle Version 9.

Previously had something like the object palette on the left side of the screen, the difference was that in addition to the Tables, Views and Synonyms tabs, there were tabs for procedures and functions too and on the right hand side there was the editor window and results pane. I tried right clicking on the object palette, but no menu came up to be able to add these other items. I also tried arranging the schema browser and the editor windows, but somehow it doesn’t look as I remembered or as integrated as when I have the object palette and the editor window together.

Is it possible you were using Toad for Data Analysts? It has an object explorer
that shows those objects and allows for the editor on the right like you

There’s no way to add stored pl/sql objects to the object palette.

If you F12 in the schema browser, it looks a little like the Object Palette.
(F12 again to restore).