Making Connection in Toad for Oracle

I have three questions;

  1. After downloading the database How can I create username and password for my connection
  2. How can I get the TNS file for my DEMO
  3. Steps to use TNS for making connection.
    I need help to complete my demo set up.

HI Matthew,

  1. you'd have to log in as one of the built-in users (sys or system) and you can create another user one of two ways: either write a Create user command, then run it with F9. OR, Click Main Menu -> Database -> Create -> User and create it in Toad's GUI.

  2. If it didn't come with one, they are easy to create. See Oracle's documentation.

  3. Once the tnsnames.ora file is configured, the tns names entries should just show up on the login window in the "database" dropdown. You can choose one, enter your username/password, and hit Connect.


thank you John for your quick responses