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Connection Toa to Oracle


I am new to Toad and oracle. As suggested by numbers of articles I have installed Toad 12.12 freeware version and Oracle 12c Client for windows (Both 64 bit) in my machine.

Installed Oracle using Admin installation option and created admin account. I have provided that username /password on direct Host: port:1521.

now, I am stuck here at servername which I Don’t know. and also couldn’t find the way to create database.

Please help me.



did you only install the Oracle Client Software? Where is the database server you want to connect to? Which TNSNAMES entry has this database?



Yes, I have installed 12c Oracle for client for windows. The Oracle database server and Toad both are my local machine. Trying to learn Oracle and Toad both :).


the listener for the database is running?

When you create a direct connection in Toad, you have to choose either the SID or the Servicename of the database for the connect entry.

To create a connection two options are available:

  1. Direct connection

  2. TNS connection

Direct connection is simpler if not familiar with TNS. The servername would be “localhost” if Oracle Database is installed on local machine.