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Mark ToDos / Mark violations to code analysis rules

Hello everybody,

What is the proper way to get reminded of ToDos in TOAD editor?

Is there a way to configure TOAD do display markers, e.g. for ToDos, for violations of code analysis rules, … ?

Or at least: what would be the proper XPATH-expression to get just the todo-token(s) in a comment?

//COMMENT[matches(., “todo”)] marks the complete comment. I would like to have just the todo-token marked. For code analysis rule.

I’m currently on TOAD for Oracle 12.10

Thx in advance

Toad has no TODO feature at this time. It’s a good idea. The way you are approaching it is your best option, but a comment is an atomic item that is not parsed beyond identifying the comment and its text. You cannot set it to highlight just the “todo” text within unless there’s some XPath trickery I’m not aware of.



We are looking for adding an XPath expression working on the text. Perhaps rather soon but no guarantee. Our TODO list :slight_smile: is rather large…