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Mass update task scheduler passwords



I was wondering if TDP has built-in functionality to mass-update scheduled task passwords? Ever since I switched to Win7 the console script I use to update passwords no longer works.

Does anyone have a method to mass update the task jobs? I believe this could be achieved via powershell script, but I’m not too familiar with this ps scripts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hello, Assuming I understand your question correctly you shouldn’t have to update passwords for scheduled tasks. Once I moved to a WIN7 box I never have to update the tasks with the correct password like you did using XP.


Hi Dave,

Yep the password is still required in my corporate environment to log onto domain. The jobs are also enabled with logon as batch job rights as well, requiring a password.


Sorry I couldn’t help. I assumed it wasn’t required across the board now.


I TDP 3.4 and above during the migration code we detect if you have any existing Automation scripts scheduled. If you do we offer to point them to the current build. During that process we update the logid.

Did you try the migrate tasks button?


Hi Debbie,

Please let me clarify -

My password is updated every ~90 days due to corporate policy. When it comes time to change my password I have to go into the task scheduler to reflect the new password change. The jobs are already migrated in TDP 3.4.


Quick question, are you using the “Run whether user is logged on or not” option? Do you need to? I have my tasks setup as “Run only when user is logged on” and I lock my computer each night and all my tasks run without a problem (unless my company pushes an update and my PC is rebooted). With this option you do not need to update the password for each scheduled task.


Hi Dave,

That’s correct and as you pointed out, when the company pushes out sms updates, occasionally restarts the pc. In the event of an update or power loss, I would like the jobs to continue running even if I’m not logged in.