McAfee DLP vs Toad (Ver 13.1, 13.2) - Performance Issue

My company has implemented McAfee suite of data protection software and some of us are experiencing dramatic performance issues when the McAfee DLP component interacts with Toad... (versions 12 and 13 that I am aware of).
It is obvious to me that while DLP gets "activated" when I start Toad and it causes DLP to go crazy while toad is executing (being being up). It takes a long time to open a new session and it seems DLP tries to capture every singly keystroke that is entered in an edit session.
That also creates an issues for other programs, like IE, FireFox, MS Word, MS Excel and possibly others I have not identified yet.
What is it that causes this negative interaction?
If Toad is not up, almost everything goes back to normal.
Looks like even the McAfee people have some difficulties in pinpointing this issue.
Can Quest work with McAfee to make sure they do not interact negatively?

Please assist..

Hey Carlos,

I don't really know McAfee products, but I would think that you'd have much better luck configuring McAfee DLP in your local Policy Catalog to handle Toad (and any other product) properly.

It seems like it would be very difficult at best for McAfee or any other security software to keep up with vendor changes and vice-versa.

Just a thought from someone else who has to live with McAfee (On-Access Scanner) and its effect on my software...


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