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TOAD / McAfee Performance Conflict


Recently there has been a performance conflict between TOAD (all versions) and McAfee Anti-Virus following the installation of the latest DAT file. The following instructions from Sonja Floyd, the McAfee Product Manager, should resolve the problem:

**"Below are instructions for forcing communication to get the new high risk exclusion policy. A reboot is not needed, and the change should occur very quickly. **

** **If McAfee Agent icon is present, Right click the icon, select McAfee Agent Status Monitor.Select Collect and Send Props.
This forces the communication with the ePO management server, and the revised configuration will be applied. If you can’t find the agent in the System Tray, you can manually start the Status Monitor:1. Open Windows Explorer2.
Path to > C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\Common Framework (64bit OS)3. Path to > C:\Program Files\McAfee\Common Framework (32bit OS)4. Locate the file > “CmdAgent.exe”

o **Go to Start > Run **

o **Click on the file CMDAgent.exe and drag it into the ‘Open’ line.**o Add /c /e /s to the end of the line
o Select OK

o Run Status Monitor

o Select ‘Collect and Send Props’ button"