Merge multiple source results into one grid result

I execute sql across multiple DB2 subsystems in one execution request, and receive multiple grid results. I would prefer to have all the results (they are identical format) in a single result set, with the source subsystem listed as the first column.
I've worked with
Tools / Options / Database / Script Results, but any combo of
Number of tabs to display - set to 1
Max # of Result sets per query - set to 100
Script Result Grouping - 'One Tab per Query' (not 'All in One Tab')
But I still get a result set per subsystem.
Can I get the results merged into one?

Using Toad for IBM DB2 version 7.1
Thanks, David

I assume you are using Toad.
Using Toad automation, you can write results to a file. When saving to Escel you have the ability to choose "Append rows" in the Export options. In order for this to work, you have to choose an existing Excel sheet. You can create one for this purpose, but the option is available only after you choose a spcific sheet.
Simon J.