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Message Explorer updating



Is it possible to update the Message Explorer panes from script?
In my scripts I don’t seem to get my “Log.Information()” messages displayed until the script has finished. I’d like to see them to get some idea of progress through the script.



Hi Malcolm,

Please write us more information - from where are you executing your own scripts? From what form/dialog? What kind of scripts are they?
It should work fine for script and report generation, reverse engineering etc.

Thanks for the details.


Vladka + TDM Team


Hi Vladka,

I have copied and extended the Generate_Separate code you guys provided in ModelScripting demo. I’ve added a new tab and button to call this from.
My BuOnClick() script writes messages using Log.Information(). There are also messages written from the TDM generation code (eg table names).
While the script is running Message Explorer is blank, though the scroll bar can be seen changing size. It is not until the script is complete that the content of the message explorer can be seen.
During RE messages are seen as they happen.



Hi Malcolm!
Try to rename OnClick method to OnClickSilent. This will force the script to run on the background and the user interface will be available and should be refreshing.

However you can click on the button again while the script is working, so you can pretty easily overload your machine… So be careful then what do you do


Thanks Fero
that is just what I needed
kind regards