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DataPoint - Messages dont have logs - Need Help

I am using Oracle server and running queries.

While I do queries I do not get any log information when there is a bug in the query in the message tab.
I do not get how many rows have been updated or deleted in the message tab after running an update or delete query.

Where do i change the settings.Please help.

I'm moving your question to the Toad Datapoint forum. They should be able to help.

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Hi there,
First thing I would check is to make sure you have not inadvertently 'silenced' messages in the past. To double-check this you can enable all in product messaging again by going to options and checking your settings and clicking on the 'reinstate all confirmations' button --- and then re-execute your query to see if you get better info back on where the query is failing.

Confirmed. it was all checked.

Hmmm... is your message tab just blank after you execute a script?

Yes, it is blank. I was expecting messages like 5000 rows updated etc. But there are no messages