Metamodel classes


I no longer see the classes I expect when doing Add Class in metamodel for my package.

If I work through the manual customisation again, when I get to Add Class, the only PER* selections I have now are PERConfig and 13 PERDatabaseDef* classes PEREntityOR10 and the others shown are no longer there.
How do I get them back?

Please advise.


Hi Malcoml,

the number of items displayed in the list of classes depends on the fact whether an instance of required object exists or not. That means, that if you open a metamodel as the only model in TDM3, the list will contain only few items.

You must open a model for Oracle 10g (with entities) or create a new model for Oracle 10g and add a new entity to it to get a longer list, with the PEREntityOR10 and other classes.

When you add an entity to your Oracle 10g model, new instance will be created and the application will display additional items in the list of classes.

If we displayed all items by default, the list would be very long…



Thanks Vaclav,
that makes sense.