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Where are my tables?


Bear with me please, this is my first post, and as you can guess, I am a total noob.

Using Oracle 10g and TDM3. I think I am connected, because I didn’t get an error when I logged in.

Now, how do I see my tables? I need to document our tables, their attributes and relationships. I don’t want to re-type everything. I suppose TDM3 can look at existing tables and retrieve all these info?



You should go through the RE Wizard.
Please see:

Have a look at the Log area of the wizard. The process is displayed there.

As soon as it’s finished, a dialog with the following message will pop up:
Reverse Engineering has been finished.

Confirm OK, close the RE wizard. Reversed model should appear in the work area. (TDM loads all db objects that physically exist in the database.)
Note: If you cannot see the dialog with the message, try to press ALT+TAB and back to TDM.

Also, see:

  • Help file | Databases | Oracle 10g | Reverse Engineering.
  • Help file | Index tab | type ‘reverse engineering’ and open the topic.

If any problem occurs, please write us more details - step in the RE wizard, what is written in Log area etc.





Vladka, thank you so much! You hit the nail right on the head. Much appreciated!