Migrate from ApexSQL DataDiff & Script

I'm totally new to Toad. We currently use ApexSQL DataDiff to generate executable packages of the comparison data and we use ApexSQL Script to generate an executable for creating the database.

Can this (or will) this be able to be done in Toad?


Thanks for your post and welcome to the Toad for SQL Server forum.

Toad products have an Automation Engine via which you can create workflows of Toad-task steps. So, yes, you can create a Toad Automation "job" that executes data comparison (and sync) and that can execute scripts for database creation.

Those Toad Automation jobs can be command-line executed via batch script or shell command. A little different than done in ApexSQL, but very do-able. If it helps, here's one of several videos that covers how to perform a Data Compare and sync with Toad:

Let us know if you need more details.