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Toad for SQL Server - command line interface?


Is it possible to run things like data and schema compare, and schema snapshots, from the command line? Ideally what I’d like to do is automate taking a schema snapshot.

I don’t want to use the Automation tools to do this, and that doesn’t seem to support creating schema snapshots anyway.

I’ve been through the help file that comes with Toad and can’t seem to find anything to suggest this is possible, but wanted to check before I start looking at alternatives.




We are looking forward to have both Data and Schema Compare in Toad’s Automation in next release of Toad for SQL Server.
Can you please share with me your concerns about using Automation feature? basically saying Automation is only visual builder and it will be almost command line once you done with creating your scenario and scheduling Windows Task.

Thanks for the reply.

My concern with automation was that I’d prefer to use SSIS or Powershell for automating tasks - I don’t want to introduce another tool that appears to perform a similar function. But if all the tool does is generate a script that I can then call from elsewhere, I’ll take another look at it.