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Misformed display of duration when running long script

When running a script in Toad 12.9 which executes for longer than 24 hours, the “Processing Script…” pop-up window does not display the duration correctly: there is no space between the count of days and hours and there is an extraneous %0:s between the seconds and the “hours” label.


Execution Time: 1 day18:52:07 %0:s hours

Execution Time: 2 days21:42:43 %0:s hours

The most likely cause is that the developer (me) never envisioned a script running that long. Toad has a lot of overhead for running something for that length of time. You may want to consider sending the script to execute via SQL*Plus instead. It is a bug and we’ll get it logged and fixed but just as a “best practice”, Toad really isn’t the right tool for executing a multi-day script.