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Missing AWR Modules - Under Database \ Monitor - How do I get them installed

Missing AWR Modules

  • I believe the company Lic Key does include\cover them -> How do I get my desktop updated ?

The AWR screen requires toad with optional db admin module. Let’s assume you have the right toad license. You also need to be licensed for Oracle’s OEM diagnostics and tuning pack. All such toad menu’s show an (OEM) after the name if such is true. When you first try to launch one of those screens, toad will pop-up a windows that says all this and you must manually check YES I paid Oracle so please go ahead and enable those toad features. If you got that screen and did not know what it was for and said NO, then those screens get turned off / disabled. The idea is if you tell Toad I am not licensed for that Oracle feature, then we have to disable all our screens to that content. That might be what you did - you may not have known/understood, said no, and now they are disabled. I think the toad.ini file has an entry called OEM something or other - flip that bit and try again :slight_smile:

Thanks - I’ll take a look…

goto toad main menu -> view -> toad options -> windows and look at the avialble column (first spot) which will get turned off by this OEM pop-up screen if you say no … easier than searching through toad.ini :slight_smile: