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Missing connection info in Object Explorer

The Object Explorer is one of the most important windows in my day to day work with SQL Server. I really miss a setting that allows me to see which database connection is active in the Object Explorer. I can have the background colored with the connection category color (i.e. green for development etc) - but since I have several servers in the "development" category, this is not quite sufficient.

I am using the setting to have Toad display connection info in the editor tab - which is also a nice feature - and I can see that changing the active tab, also changes the object explorer content. But the standard window layout (object explorer in bottom left, editor tab headings in top right makes the fast visual overview ("am I looking at the right connection") more difficult than I prefer.

While writing this topic I discovered the marking of the connection in bold in the connection manager - which absolutely helps. Still, confusion can arise if I select a different connection without changing to that connection (see screenshot).

A different approach could be to have the Object Explorer mimic the SSMS version - where the connection is the root level for the objects - thereby making it possible to view objects from multiple connections in the same object explorer window.

What do you think if we put the connection name into the object explorer title?

That would certainly be an improvement in my opinion.