How to see/display connection in Object Explorer?

We have multiple DB2 environments that we connect to with TOAD.

I am bewildered as to exactly which environment TOAD decides to show in object explorer. I'm used to SSMS that will show the object tree underneath each connection so there is no ambiguity.

So two questions:

  1. If I am looking at the TOAD object explorer, what do I do to see what connection the explorer is using?
  2. How do I change the object explorer to show the objects on a different connection? (assume I am already connected in the connection manager)

Thanks for any tips! This minor thing is killing me to figure out.

If you have an object explorer open with an object viewer displaying on the right-hand side you will see the connection at the bottom right of your Toad form. If you hover over that you will see more detailed connection information.

You can click on the down arrow in that control to change to another connection.

If you have the 'Show connection info on document tabs' setting checked in Tools - Options - Environment - Interface

then you will also see the connection information on the Object Viewer tab:

I personally prefer to use the Database Explorer (via Tools - Explorer or the Explorer button on the top Toolbar) instead of an Object Explorer when viewing my Databases. You can have multiple Database Explorers open at the same time.

You can also set the connection category color in your connection profile to visually assist you in identifying your connections.


Hope this helps...

Thank you so much! Yes I see that now. This is very helpful.

I dislike that bottom frame in TOAD being used for any kind of messaging. It's a very obscure easy to miss place to display anything. It's also where connection errors are displayed. Instead of a popup that lets you see the connection error (e.g. bad password or account expired) and require you to clear the box, it quietly displays the error in the frame bar for approximately 2 seconds so that you might notice some text flash in an expected location of the screen, but then the error is gone before you can read what it said (and trying to connect again may promptly get your account locked out).

But this gets me on my way, thank you again!