missing hidden columns in "Rebuild table" (bug?)


Toad x64

Just today have a big issue when I have rebuilded table with hiden_columns (unused.

New, rebuild table didn’t have all of those columns (hidden) and this was a real problem later.

Tried to see rebuild dialog options-nothing.
Look in options-nothing.

I could call that a bug, so please give us an option to include those columns in new rebuild table.

Hi all,
“set UnUsed” columns cannot every be recovered back, so thee is really no need to be in rebuild table.
There might be still an option for this but really do not think it is important.
But let us say there might be a warning …that there are unused columns…
Similar like dependent MV logs that are based on rebuild table-they have to be dropped first and later recreated.
For me case closed.

I am not sure what good a warning on an unused column would do - you can’t select data out of it, and I am not even sure how to tell the original name of the column. I see the column in USER_TAB_COLS, but it has a name like SYS_C00005_17072512:00:35$

I’ll take a look at dropping/rebuilding MV logs in the script.