Big bug in rebuild table, Toad 14.1.120

In this version triggers are not generated in rebuild option...
I know that in previous version it was working and now is not!
So please fixed that ASAP as this costed me big issues in production.

DB was 12.2 x64
client was 19.3 x64 (Win)

Thanks. I can reproduce that. We'll fix it.


I am now seriously worried what will ne instance have as another bug in rebuild script...
As i show you twice before some bugs raise suddenly even they were not present before...this makes big suspicion on Toad as production tool.
Sorry to say that

This rebuild table bug was caused by a change to fix a bug in Generate Schema Script.

Both windows use some common code to get DDL from the database. The problem was when I made the trigger filtering change (to load triggers specified by trigger names), it broke rebuild table (where we load triggers specified by table name). There is some code in there to decide which way to filter triggers, but I made a mistake that caused rebuild table to look for triggers by trigger name.

Both scenarios will be retested for the fix.

We have been adding and will continue to add automated testing internally, so the "one bug caused by a fix to another" problem should be decreasing.

Also, I'd like to add that lately, most changes are bug fixes, not new features. We are working to make Toad as stable as possible, but of course, no software is perfect.

I'm sorry this caused you a problem in production.

Ok, how can I get quick fix so I can use your tool without problems?

You can get the 14.2 beta here: Toad for Oracle 14.2 Beta

A new beta will be released on Monday. I'll put the fix in Monday's beta.