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Model changes from script



I have created a script to populate a new table property (nickname) that I have added.

After running this script I do not get a change indication on the model. If I close the model I am not prompted to save changes.

How can I set this file has changed information from the script so that Closing the Model will prompt me to save the changes?



Hello Malcolm,

Thanks very much for your notification. The problem occurs only at properties added by user. The change will be saved in the model but the problem is that the model is not marked as modified. We will deal with it. CR # 46 805.

Current workaround:
To save the changes right after you executed the script:
a] select Save As
b] make a manual change in the model (e.g. just move an entity box in WS) and select Save.

Malcolm, thanks again for your co-operation!


Vladka + TDM Team


Thanks Vladka,

I can save the changes OK … so long as I remember too :slight_smile: